Is the sticker vinyl you use easy to remove ?

We use various types of vinyl according to the needs of each and every customer. Most vinyls are relatively easy to remove by using plenty of hot water. The more hot water you use, the easier the vinyl will be to get off.

How is the cost of a vehicle lettering job determined ?

The price depends on the time spent conceiving the design, on the surface to cover with letters or images, on the desired lifespan of the lettering and on the type of vehicle.

Will lettering my vehicle bring me new clients ?

Yes, the lettering of a vehicle is a very effective form of advertising when the concept is well thought-out. The clearer and more convincing your message is on the vehicle, the better results you will yield. Don’t forget, wherever you go, even at night and during the weekend, your vehicle speaks for you. You will considerably increase your notoriety. A lettered vehicle often inspires confidence and gives off a more professional image of your company.

What to include in my vehicle lettering or exclude from it ?

It all depends on your budget. The higher your budget, the more text and elements you will be able to incorporate. If your budget is limited and you want to include a lot of information, your message will probably end up too small on the vehicle, and therefore will be hard to read. Keep in mind that, even with a big budget, it is often a good idea to only put forward the most relevant elements of your message. The less cluttered your lettering is, the better the information will be assimilated by a potential client. The best vehicle lettering recipes often include text and images. Potential clients have a few seconds only to notice and remember the message displayed on your vehicle. A picture is worth a thousand words. The text will serve as a complement to the image and its concept. For that reason, including an image in your design saves time in the transmission of the message. Careful though, this image must be chosen wisely in order to communicate the right message and avoid any confusion.

Does lettering leave traces on paint after it is removed ?

Generally speaking, no. However, it can happen depending of the circumstances. Red paint most easily loses its pigmentation in the sun. So, if vinyl is left on too long, it is possible that a mark will be visible. The most common case is trailers, on which lettering stays in place for more than 5 years. In the case of vehicle wraps, since the entire vehicle is covered, the opposite happens: the vinyl protects the sheet metal. Most letterers do not offer a guarantee on the state of the paint after lettering work. These types of issues are rare, however.

Does vehicle lettering require an “F” licence plate ?

It is preferable, when you are displaying an advertisement on your vehicle, to use an “F” plate. Not all policemen apply this law. Some might indeed apply it, however, and the fine is high, ranging between 300 and 400 dollars. It is therefore wise not to take the risk and to plate the vehicle before or soon after it undergoes the lettering process.

Will i easily be able to wash my vehicle even if it is lettered ?

Yes, the lettering of a vehicle is made to be resistant to water and light cleaning products. However, high-pressure cleaning and abrasive cleaning products have a strong chance of damaging your lettering. If you have any doubts as to the product you plan to use, feel free to contact us.

What about vehicle lettering in the winter ?

The installation of a sticker vinyl on your vehicle requires a minimum temperature of around 5 degrees Celsius. In the summer, we can complete the installation of lettering outdoors, wherever is convenient for you. However, in the winter, we must bring the vehicle into our studio in order for the vinyl to adhere well, so that you may benefit from its full durability.

What is the required surface for a sticker lettering to stick well ?

The application of sticker vinyl to your vehicle requires a smooth, glossy, clean and wax-less finish. The sticker lettering adheres poorly or not at all to porous surfaces. We cannot apply lettering to a rusted surface. It is also important for the sheet metal of the vehicle not to be waxed and for the windows not to have been treated with Aquapel. If your paint is worn, it would be wise to come into our studio to show us the worn parts and benefit from our advice.