How to shop for a wrap

5 criteria to make the best decision on a wrap

First, you need a catchy design that will garner attention. However, the message has to remain very visible. It might be tempting to overload the design since the price remains the same, but that is not always a winning strategy. And unfortunately that’s the mistake many letterers commit at the detriment of their clients’ interests. Our graphic designers are used to creating designs in a very balanced way. No need to choose between a design that attracts attention and a design that has class. With Ardezin, you can have the best of both worlds. But be warned, not all letterers add this refined touch of marketing when working on your design.

Second, check out the quality of the material. At Ardezin, we only use 3M, the highest quality on the market, for our wraps. Even though this material is more costly than the rest, its quality is unbeatable. It can be tempting to choose a cheaper alternative by relying on the guarantees provided by the manufacturers, but be careful! The durability is always tested in ideal conditions and isn’t necessarily representative of the reality here in Quebec. 3M vinyl is a 10-year vinyl. In Quebec, it is more realistic to calculate around 5 to 7 years for a wrap’s lifespan. The 3M vinyl for a wrap, in addition to being the most solid, is also the most malleable. It contributes to a perfect finish upon installation.

Third, make sure the printing is laminated. This film protects the printing from discolouration due to water and UV damage. Without it, the ink will fade or lose its shine fairly quickly. A laminated film is essential to a vehicle wrap, as a liquid lamination is not designed for that purpose. Make sure the lamination used by the letterer is by the same brand as the vinyl that will be printed, and that the product is compatible, otherwise the lamination is likely to unstick from the vinyl. In this case, the entire process has to be redone from scratch. At Ardezin, we always try to arrange panels logically and aesthetically so that in most cases, there are no joints on our vehicle wraps and the beauty and durability of the wrap is optimized.

Fourth, ask questions about the installation phase. If the latter is not completed properly, even a wrap printed on the highest-quality vinyl will not last. We check for this at our studio specially designed for wraps. Our work space is clean, well-lit and spacious. It offers a work environment that is ideal to our installers, who can concentrate 100% of their attention on their craft.

Lastly, once you are certain that your selected bid is a conscientious letterer at every step of the vehicle wrap process, compare prices. Ardezin is proud to positively meet all the criteria and offer both quality and unparalleled service at affordable prices.